Plan a Cremation

Cremation Planning

The Memorial Reef™ is a cremation memorial site. Cremation is chosen for:

  • Affordability
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility

With cremation, ashes may be interred in a columbarium, buried, or scattered. The Neptune Memorial Reef™ offers another option, a cremation memorial in one of the most fantastic undersea locations on Earth.

Cremation and the Memorial Reef™

Improve the environment. Beyond a green burial choice, cremation and deployment to the Memorial Reef™ doesn’t just minimize negative environmental impact. It is a singular opportunity to improve the environment. Cremation ashes become part of a Reef feature; deployment expands the Reef itself.

Affordable Cremation Memorial. The cost of a cremation and deployment to the Memorial Reef™ is substantially less than the cost of a funeral and burial. Yet it offers a lasting Memorial, an historic marker and a location for loved ones to visit.